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♦ Maybe add resources page or organize links out by such

♦ Re-do site layout entirely

♦ Basil needs his own page

♦ Take a walk !


this is my baby kitty boy look at him



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04.17.24 → So I learned how to make a scrollbox with div tags & CSS rendering an iframe completely useless! I mean, it was probably already useless, but it was fun to use again. Does anybody use those anymore? Probably not. Listen eventually I'm gonna change it to something else and try to make the entire layout using CSS rather than images I'm making in Photoshop but that requires time and for some reason more brain power than I'm willing to use right now. Also the sun is finally back so once the weekend comes it's time to go outside not sit at my computer and make a website. That's what work hours are for! I've been making custom browser homepages for work also, since we use so many different websites. I realize bookmarks are a thing but having a homepage with links to everything I want all right there, and nicely organized, just does something for my brain. I thought for two seconds about talking to the new company president about this as an idea for everyone to use but I don't think I want them thinking I can make full on websites because I most definitely cannot do that, at least not to modern standards. Plus that would probably take the fun out of it tbh.

04.16.24 → Small update - added the movie night page so we can keep track of our movie night viewings. The page needs more interest to it but so does this whole thing so it's just gonna be blank for a while until I get around to creating a layout. Back in the day because CSS wasn't as robust as it is now (or I didn't know how to use it), we'd make our layouts entirely in photoshop and then use HTML to create links with parts of the image rather than text. My brain still wants to do things that way, but it'd probably be good to dive into CSS and see what I can come up with. No promises any of it's gonna look good.

07.10.23 → Nothing too much to report today, just added the right sidebar and a to-do list in addition to changing how I'm displaying BasilPics. He's gonna get his own page eventually, I think that's the only way to satisfy my need to photoshop him. Today's been overcast all morning but should warm up, as has been the pattern. Oh, I should find a little time/date/weather thingie to put on here somewhere. But only if it's cute.

07.5.23 → Today brings intense heat out-of-doors and an update in-of-doors! A small one, just added a couple links to the links out page. Eventually I'll put up a little version info page for the site layout so that I can keep track of proper credit for what I'm using by others vs what I'm creating myself - hey a to-do list would be a good idea wouldn't it, yes indeed precious.

07.4.23 → Welcome to Toksi version 1.2! Still getting the hang of photoshop again and all that. Funnily enough, I usually start a layout in MS Paint and then move on to Photoshop just like I did back in the old days. Feels clunky but familiar so I'm okay with it. Some of the links to the left might be broken, but don't worry about that, they'll work soon! Thanks for checking this space out, I hope you enjoy ♥